Q and A, What is E1 interface in 5G?

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Q and A, What is E1 interface in 5G?

Postby beginner » 27 Jan 2021, 19:07

What is E1 interface in 5G?

My friend: Hi Ibrahim, I have a question for you.

Me: Please, go ahead.

My friend: What is the function of E1 interface in 5G?

Me: The E1 interface connects the Centralized Unit Control Plane (CU-CP) to the Centralized Unit User Plane (CU-UP) in the case of CU splitting which is done mainly to optimize the location of different RAN functions according to different scenarios and performance requirements, so the CU can be further separated into its CP and UP parts.

My friend: So, E1 interface is carrying data and control information between CU-CP and CU-UP, right?

Me: No, it is only carrying control information to allow for the coordination between user plane and control plane functions in the CU as normally the user plane information will be directed from CU-UP towards the UPF via NG-U interface. Also, note that as per 3GPP 38.460, the E1 interface should be an open interface that allows for CU separation to happen between different vendors.

My friend: Thank you very much. You made it clear.

Me: You are most welcome
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