2021 IEEE International Conference on Network Softwarization , Indexed by IEEE and Scopus

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2021 IEEE International Conference on Network Softwarization , Indexed by IEEE and Scopus

Postby sentika-paper » 25 Dec 2020, 19:24

We are seeking technical paper submissions and workshop proposals for the 7th IEEE International Conference on Network Softwarization (IEEE NetSoft 2021), which will be held in Tokyo, Japan from 28 June to 2 July 2021. The conference’s theme is “Accelerating Network Softwarization in the Cognitive Age,” a reflection of the current trend of research in the area of network softwarization.

NetSoft 2021 will feature technical paper presentations, keynotes, tutorials, workshops, demos, and exhibitions from world-leading experts representing service providers, vendors, research institutes, open-source projects, and academia. The conference will showcase the latest research and development results in artificial intelligence and machine learning; self-driving and autonomic networking; policy-based network management; and dynamic network slice provisioning—among other promising research areas—for the sake of robust, reliable and cognitive softwarized networks.

Prospective authors are invited to submit high-quality original technical papers for presentation at the conference and publication in the NetSoft 2021 Proceedings. Original technical papers and workshop proposals are sought in the following areas:

Softwarized cloud, fog, and edge infrastructures
Cognitive and autonomic networking
Centralized vs distributed control, management and orchestration
Abstractions and virtualization of resources, services and functions
AI techniques to support network automation
Big data analytics for managing softwarized networks
Network slicing and slice management
Mobility management in softwarized networks
Programmable SDN and NFV: languages and architectures
Policy-based and intent-based networking
Service Function Chaining (SFC)
Mapping and scheduling of SFC
Container/microservice-based network functions
Efficient network/service monitoring in SDN/NFV
QoS and QoE in softwarized infrastructures
Resilience, reliability, and robustness of softwarized networks
Network softwarization for 5G
Network management at the edge
Cooperative multi-domain, multi-tenant SDN/NFV environments
Security, Safety, Trust and Privacy in virtualized environments
SDN switch/router architecture and design
Dynamic resource discovery and negotiation schemes
Lifecycle management of network software
DevOps methodologies for network softwarization
Debugging and introspection of software-defined systems
Softwarized platforms for Internet of Things (IoT)
Energy-efficient and green software-defined infrastructures (SDI)
Transition strategies from existing networks to SDN/NFV
New value chains and service models enabled by softwarization
Socio-economic impact and regulations for softwarization
Experience reports from experimental testbeds and deployments

Technical Papers - 15 January 2021 (Extended)

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