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5G & 6G channel model simulator software

Postby beginner » 13 Sep 2019, 06:26

Version 2.0 of NYUSIM, the open source 5G & 6G channel model simulator software, is now available to download
Version 2.0 Changes

Three important channel modeling components, spatial consistency, human blockage, and outdoor-to-indoor (O2I) penetration loss, are implemented in NYUSIM 2.0. Each modeling component will be introduced as follows.

Spatial Consistency: Spatial consistency indicates continuous and realistic channel evolution along the user terminal (UT) trajectory in a local area. NYUSIM with spatial consistency simulates spatially correlated channel impulse responses when a UT moves in a local area or multiple UTs are closely spaced.

Human Blockage Shadowing Loss: NYUSIM 2.0 can simulate human blockage shadowing loss due to a person near the mobile phone (UT) who may block the transmission link. mmWave links are more susceptible to blockage effects because of the short wavelength and the usage of large antenna arrays. The shadowing caused by humans and vehicles has to be taken into account for link budget analysis.

O2I Penetration Loss: NYUSIM 2.0 can simulate the channel responses with building penetration loss for the UTs inside the building. O2I penetration loss becomes more prominent at mmWave frequencies. Many modern buildings are constructed with concrete and have infrared reflecting (IRR) glass, which induce a large penetration loss when a mmWave signal is transmitted from outdoor to indoor or vice versa.

To view all of the updates and to download the simulator, please visit:


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