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5G Simulator Tool NYUSIM Version 1.6

Postby Chunl1 » 18 Dec 2017, 08:18

NYUSIM Version 1.6 - Download Now
December 15, 2017

Dear NYUSIM users,
Thank you for your interest in our open-source 5G channel simulator NYUSIM! You are receiving this email because you have previously downloaded NYUSIM and entered your email address into our database.

We would like to announce that a new version (Version 1.6) of NYUSIM has just been released and is available at nyuwireless.com/nyusim. Compared to NYUSIM Version 1.5, there are several major new features added to Version 1.6 for line-of-sight (LOS) environments, angle-of-departure (AoD), angle-of-arrival (AoA), extended range option, and rural macrocell (RMa) modeling, which are detailed below.

In the base code package of NYUSIM, a new MATLAB script with the name "NYUSIM_MainCode" is added which acts as the main code of NYUSIM, such that users can obtain and modify all the output files by setting the input parameters in the main code per users’ own needs, without opening the GUI.
For the LOS environment, Version 1.6 ensures that the first arriving multipath component is the strongest for LOS, which provides a realistic physical definition of the first arriving (shortest delay) multipath component in LOS situations. Additionally, boresight angles are accounted for in the first LOS multipath component, and all other multipath components have angles relative to boresight.
A new input parameter named "Distance Range Option" is added to the GUI in Version 1.6, which has two options: standard (10-500 m) (used in Version 1.5 and earlier versions) and extended (10-10,000 m). Different dynamic ranges are set for different distance ranges. The extended distance range is added based on users’ requests.
For the RMa scenario, the number of time clusters and the number of spatial lobes are both set to one, and the maximum number of multipath components is set to two, based on our RMa millimeter-wave field measurements which show sparsity for rural scenarios.

There are some other new features added to Version 1.6, which can be found on the NYUSIM website http://wireless.engineering.nyu.edu/nyusim/ and the NYUSIM user manual.

Please feel free to download and use NYUSIM v1.6 if interested. Thank you again for your interest and support!

Shu Sun
NYU PhD Candidate

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