advanced technologies for LTE/Modern networks
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Postby upinipin » 06 Sep 2017, 14:36

With LTE, the mobile network has evolved into a 150+ Mbps per user high‐speed always‐on
packet network. Next we will see high‐speed LTE networks becoming available for even
larger populations, and solving capacity and speed bottlenecks that users currently experience.
For many of us, mobile broadband is the preferred and primary access to the Internet.
The competition for the hearts and minds of LTE subscribers makes the user experience
increasingly critical. Understanding the technology behind the service is the key to business
success. Delving into the details of LTE technology soon reveals many items that affect
performance, allowing room for optimization—and differentiation—in the market.
In general, operators today have more choice and support than ever in choosing their
strategy for LTE planning and optimization tasks, including IP and backhaul tasks. The myriad
challenges operators face can be addressed by specific professional services, purchased from
an expert organization, or issues can be solved by in‐house professionals. Many large networks
are operated as a service, and a continuum of possibilities exists, from traditional in‐house
operation to fully managed service operations, and everything in between.
Whatever the technology and business strategy of the operator, high‐bandwidth LTE radio
needs to be reflected in the IP backhaul. For the LTE backhaul, a number of new areas call for
special attention, namely security, synchronization, availability, end‐user QoS and dimensioning,
to name a few.
LTE IP planning professionals depend on both LTE and IP knowledge, and greatly benefit
from realistic guidance for their projects. This book is of great help when assessing technical
and economical alternatives and when creating solid and reliable real‐life backhaul designs for
LTE success.
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