Huawei OTN 5G Transport Network Solution

advanced technologies for LTE/Modern networks
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Huawei OTN 5G Transport Network Solution

Postby sdn-nfv » 21 Feb 2018, 08:21

2.1 New Service Requirements of 5G
2.2 Analysis on 5G Transport Network Requirements
2.2.1 5G Broadband Bearer Unification and Evolution
2.2.2 Key Requirements of 5G Transport Architectures
2.2.3 Summary of 5G Transport Requirements
3.1 Technical Solution of Fronthaul C-RAN
3.1.1 Requirements of Typical Fronthaul Scenarios
3.1.2 Passive Solution
3.1.3 Active Solution
3.1.4 Colorless Remote Optical Injection
3.1.5 Summary of Fronthaul Solutions
3.2 D-RAN as a Multi-Service Transport Network Solution
3.3 Discussion on Cloud Interconnection Solutions
3.4 Discussion on Clock Solutions
3.2.1 D-RAN Technical Solution Choices
3.2.2 OTN D-RAN Transport Solution
3.2.3 Multi-Service Network Slicing
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