Video Tutorial Nokia 4G LTE Baseband Dimensioning

RF Planning and Simulation.
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Video Tutorial Nokia 4G LTE Baseband Dimensioning

Postby 4GMania » 14 Jan 2017, 13:28

Target of Baseband Dimensioning:
Target of Baseband Dimensioning: Allow to estimate HOW many sites are required taking into account the HW (System Module) Limitations
The approach presented so far in this chapter to calculate the number of sites from the capacity point of view (site throughput) only takes into account Physical Layer and/or RRM features into account (e.g. Channel bandwidth, transmit power, scheduler type, etc...)
System Module options:
FSMF: high capacity system module
FSME: high capacity system module
FSMD: lower capacity system module
Input of the dimensioning:
Total Number of subscribers
Number of active subscribers (per Site)
Share of active subscribers
Output of the dimensioning:
Number of sites from baseband point of view

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