Updated Spectrum for Terrestrial 5G Networks: Licensing Developments,Dec 2018

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Updated Spectrum for Terrestrial 5G Networks: Licensing Developments,Dec 2018

Postby Chunl1 » 15 Dec 2018, 05:35

5G spectrum plans as of 13 December 2018. As national regulators plot their countries’ moves towards 5G, there are important choices to be made about which portions of the spectral range should be either dedicated for use by terrestrial 5G networks and services or at least accessible to 5G networks and services. This report summarises recent spectrum activity worldwide including auction and allocation plans.

This report reflects a market that is in constant flux and feedback is greatly appreciated to keep it current. The next update will be published in January 2019. Please send comments and information to research@gsacom.com.

Important changes since the last report include:
Australia: 3600 MHz auction completed.
Albanian auction of spectrum at 800 MHz in 2019.
Bulgarian consultations on spectrum plan and bands.
Canada: initial applicants named in auction of spectrum at 600 MHz.
Chile: press reports indicate 5G spectrum auction likely to slip to 2019.
China: spectrum allocated for 5G trials.
Egypt: initial timeline indications for 5G auctions (by 2020).
France: completed its spectrum reallocations and licence extensions in the 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2100 MHz ranges.
Germany: finalised rules for auctions of spectrum at 2000 MHz (1920–1980 MHz/2110–2170 MHz) and 3700–3800 MHz, due in Spring 2019, including coverage and throughput targets.
Hong Kong: bidders confirmed in 900 MHz and 1800 MHz auction.
Mexico plans 600 MHz auction and considers AWS band and 2.5 GHz spectrum auctions.
Philippines: review of underused spectrum to support new entrants and recently named new major player (NMP).
Romania: consultation opened on its 5G spectrum allocation plans.
Russia: spectrum awarded for 5G test licences; more applications requested.
Spain: press reports indicate possible delay to 700 MHz auction.
Serbia: initial timeline indications for a 5G spectrum auction.
Sweden: completion of the country’s 700 MHz auction.
Thailand: updated auction plans for 2019.
UAE: initial licences issued for 5G deployments; full allocations expected after WRC-19.
United States: incentive auction announced for spectrum at 37.6–38.6 GHz, 38.6–40 GHz and 47.2–48.2 GHz.
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