Build amazing Internet of Things projects using the ESP8266 Wi-Fi chip

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been considered as an emerging research area where the 6LoWPAN (IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Network) protocol stack is considered as one of the most important protocol suite for the IoT.
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Build amazing Internet of Things projects using the ESP8266 Wi-Fi chip

Postby iotmania » 05 Feb 2018, 14:26

Build amazing Internet of Things projects using the ESP8266 Wi-Fi chip
Preface v
Chapter 1: Getting Started with the ESP8266 1
How to choose your ESP8266 module 1
Hardware requirements 4
Hardware configuration 7
Installing the Arduino IDE for the ESP8266 10
Connecting your module to your Wi-Fi network 11
Summary 13
Chapter 2: First Projects with the ESP8266 15
Controlling an LED 15
Reading data from a GPIO pin 17
Grabbing the content from a web page 18
Reading data from a digital sensor 20
Summary 24
Chapter 3: Cloud Data Logging with the ESP8266 25
Hardware and software requirements 25
Hardware configuration 26
Testing the sensor 28
Logging data to 30
Displaying data using 31
Summary 35
Chapter 4: Control Devices from Anywhere 37
Hardware and software requirements 38
Configuring the ESP8266 module and controlling an LED 39
Controlling the LED from a cloud dashboard 44
Controlling the lamp from anywhere in the world 45
Summary 47
Chapter 5: Interacting With Web Services 49
Hardware and software requirements 49
Getting weather data from Yahoo 51
Posting temperature and humidity data to Twitter 56
Creating a new Facebook post from the ESP8266 62
Summary 69
Chapter 6: Machine-to-Machine Communications 71
Hardware and software requirements 71
Simple machine-to-machine communication 73
Building a light-activated relay 82
Summary 87
Chapter 7: Sending Notifications from the ESP8266 89
Hardware and software requirements 89
Hardware configuration 91
Sending an e-mail notification 91
Sending data via text message 99
Receiving alerts via push notifications 103
Summary 107
Chapter 8: Controlling a Door Lock from the Cloud 109
Hardware and software requirements 109
Configuring the hardware 111
Configuring the ESP8266 board 112
Controlling the lock from the cloud 113
Receiving notifications when the lock is opened 114
Summary 119
Chapter 9: Building a Physical Bitcoin Ticker 121
What is Bitcoin? 121
Online Bitcoin services 122
Hardware and software requirements 125
Configuring the hardware 126
Testing the ticker 127
Adding alert LEDs to the ticker 132
Chapter 10: Wireless Gardening with the ESP8266 135
Hardware and software requirements 135
Hardware configuration 137
Creating alerts to water your plant 139
Monitoring the temperature and humidity 145
Automating your gardening 147
Summary 149
Chapter 11: Cloud-Based Home Automation System 151
Hardware and software requirements 151
Hardware configuration 152
Controlling your home from a dashboard 154
Creating a cloud alarm system 160
Automating your home 163
Summary 173
Chapter 12: Cloud-Controlled ESP8266 Robot 175
Hardware and software requirements 175
Hardware configuration 180
Testing the motors 182
Connecting the robot to the cloud 185
Controlling the robot from a dashboard 188
Summary 190
Chapter 13: Building Your Own Cloud Platform to Control
ESP8266 Devices 191
Hardware and software requirements 191
Hardware configuration 192
Creating a cloud server 193
The aREST cloud server code 196
Deploying the server 198
Connecting the ESP8266 board to your cloud server 201
Summary 204
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