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Posted: 15 Feb 2016, 13:03
by beginner
1. The Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), at the thirteenth meeting
of its 126th Session on 3 March 1989, approved Recommendation 3.2/1 of the fourth meeting
of the Special Committee on Future Air Navigation Systems (FANS/4) concerning the
adoption of the World Geodetic System - 1984 (WGS 84) as the standard geodetic reference
system for future navigation with respect to international civil aviation. FANS/4
Recommendation 3.2/1 reads:
"Recommendation 3.2/1 - Adoption of WGS 84
That ICAO adopts, as a standard, the geodetic reference system WGS 84 and
develops appropriate ICAO material, particularly in respect of Annexes 4 and 15,
in order to ensure a rapid and comprehensive implementation of the WGS 84
geodetic reference system. "
2. The ICAO Council at the ninth meeting of its 141st Session, on 28 February 1994, adopted
amendment 28 to Annex 15. Consequential amendments to Annexes 4, 11 and 14, Volume I
and II will be adopted by the Council in due course. The Standards and Recommended
Practices (SARPS) in Annexes 11 and 14, Volumes I and II govern the determination and
reporting of the geographical coordinates in terms of WGS 84 geodetic reference system.
Annexes 4 and 15 SARPS govern the publication of information in graphic and textual form.
The States' aeronautical information service department will publish in Aeronautical
Information Publications (AIP), on charts and in electronic data base where applicable,
geographical coordinate values based on WGS 84 which are supplied by the other State
aeronautical services, i.e. the air traffic services department and the aerodrome engineering
3. The purpose of this manual is to furnish guidance in the provision of geographical coordinates
referenced to the WGS 84 datum in order to assist States in the uniform implementation of the
SARPS on WGS 84.