Enterprise Cloud For Dummies®, Nutanix Special Edition

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Enterprise Cloud For Dummies®, Nutanix Special Edition

Postby ahmedd4565 » 12 Jan 2017, 15:40

About This Book
There is more to the cloud than meets the eye. This 48‐page
journey helps you understand enterprise cloud and how it fits
into your datacenter paradigm. By the end of this book, you
see just how enterprise cloud fits into the landscape and how
it can help you propel your business into the 22nd century.

Foolish Assumptions
For this book, I assume you have at least a basic understanding
of virtualization, storage, cloud, and datacenter computing.
The general audience for this book is anyone in IT who
wants to learn more about how enterprise cloud can help
address evolving business needs. The audience is intended to
be technical staff as well as managerial and executive staff.
Sources : http://adf.ly/1huGC6

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