Cellular networks for massive NarrowBand IoT

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Cellular networks for massive NarrowBand IoT

Postby H@ck3r » 17 Sep 2016, 15:45

The IoT revolution offers huge potential value in terms of improved efficiency, sustainability and safety for industry and society. Analysts
predict that the total added value of the IoT will be USD 1.9 trillion by 2020 [2].
The variety of applications and solutions designed for individuals, business and industry is spurring the rapid expansion of the IoT
market. The IoT is playing a major role across a variety of vertical sectors, generating cost savings, new revenue streams and other benefits.
Each IoT application needs a clear value proposition and business logic in line with the prevailing ecosystem, business models and value chains of the various stakeholders. For all applications, solutions need to be integrated on platforms that can scale and handle millions of devices efficiently. Business processes for administration, provisioning and charging will have to be streamlined to minimize costs and enhance the business case.
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