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Simulators for IOT

Posted: 03 Sep 2017, 11:48
by iotmania
Simulators for IOT

1- Contiki OS + Cooja simulator

As we know, IoT will have various devices and can be divided into different networks. Thus, your security threat model needs to focus a certain level, but not all the levels including hardware, OS, network protocol, and application...The existing answers have clarify the good network simulators you can adopt (Cooja is a cross-level simulator but the others also can run with specific emulators like Qemu and etc).




SimpleIoTSimulator The InternetOfThings Simulator SimpleIoTSimulatorâ„¢ is an easy to

use, IoT Sensor/device simulator that quickly creates test environments made up of thousands of sensors and gateways, all on just one computer.

System Requirements

64-bit RedHat Enterprise Linux (6.x or higher)

for more details:


3- NetSim v9

NetSim v9 (Latest Released Version, Feb 2016)

see this :
Research on Internet of Things(IOT) using NetSim


4- Internet of Things Simulator GUI Demo

to understand how its work :


5- AutoSIM IoT - Internet of Things Simulator

AutoSIM is the worlds first IoT simulator that can simulate 100+ million devices on a cluster of servers and supports 10 protocols below...

Automatski (Streamer & Chatterbox)
other custom protocols

see this :

Is gns3 simulator support internet of things?. Available from: ... _of_things [accessed Sep 3, 2017].