5G Radio Network Planning tools & Geodata-Webinar

RF Planning and Simulation.
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5G Radio Network Planning tools & Geodata-Webinar

Postby beginner » 10 Oct 2018, 22:37

Infovista is a leading supplier of 5G Radio Network Planning tools & Geodata. Please prepare for your upcoming 5G Rollout by attending our Webinar !

https://pages.infovista.com/WBI-Confide ... ataWebinar

Thursday, October 11th | 10 a.m. NewYork, 4 p.m. Paris

To prepare for and plan the 5G wireless networks of the future, you require geodata that provides an accurate simulation of your real-world environment.
Our industry-leading mapping data give your RF engineers the best understanding of their complex planning environments and the accuracy they need to successfully design radio networks using mmWave frequencies.
From buildings with defined rooftop structures to individual trees and their canopy height, Infovista delivers the 3D mapping data ideally suited to your 5G plans.
Join our exclusive webinar to learn how we can help you to:
• Accurately predict millimeter wave coverage
• Improve your 4G RAN
• Accelerate your 5G rollout
• Keep it within budget
Learn from our experts that have been actively engaged and providing geodata to the 5G ecosystem long before the 5G NR standard was finalized.

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