NSN Drive-Test-Analysis,Call Setup,Call Drop

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NSN Drive-Test-Analysis,Call Setup,Call Drop

Postby ahmedd4565 » 03 Jan 2017, 09:16

After this module the delegate shall be able to:-
Understand the different elements required for an effective drive test program
Understand how all aspects of drive data can be used to obtain a view of network performance
Differentiate between genuine (RF) and non-genuine (system) failures
Understand the KPIs that can be obtained
Call Setup Failure Analysis Process
Call Drop Failure Analysis Process
Drive Test Analysis – Reporting Levels
Services to be measured and KPIs to be calculated need to be clearly defined
Various call patterns exist to exercise the KPIs
Reporting Levels should be understood
Define and agree exceptions in advance

Sources : http://adf.ly/1hOOpe

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