3G Radio Parameters Drive Test

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3G Radio Parameters Drive Test

Postby Komsel » 13 Feb 2016, 16:20

CPICH Ec/No – Common Pilot channel Ec/No is the ratio of energy of the chip and the combined power of all the signals including the pilot itself received by the UE at that particular point. It is a very important factor for call quality.
CPICH RSCP – Received Signal Code Power is the level of the signal received by the U.E from a particular pilot.

Radio parameters are the parameters of a Mobile
equipment –
Tx Power – As the name suggests it is the transmitting power of a Mobile Station. Its value can vary from
-50 to 50. The minimum the Tx power of the Mobile station the better it is for call quality.
UTRA Carrier RSSI - It is the Received Signal Strength Indicator of the Mobile Station or the U.E. It tells us the total Power Received by the Mobile Station from all the Pilots including itself at that particular location.

SIR – It is the signal to interference Ratio is the ratio of Energy in the DPCC(Dedicated Physical Control Channel) to that of the interference and noise received by the U.E.
Target SIR – It is the target Signal to Interference ratio that Mobile Equipment is supposed to achieve by increasing or decreasing its power. It is set by the use of Power Control procedure.

SQI - It is the speech Quality Index which is a parameter to rate the voice Quality on that particular call. It ranges from 0 – 30 with 30 being the best quality.
RRC State – It tells the current state and channel as in Idle or dedicated.
Mode – It is the mode that we are using GSM or WCDMA.
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