3G-2G Interworking

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3G-2G Interworking

Postby sariroti » 24 Feb 2017, 19:03

2G-3G Cell Reselection:

We tuned the threshold values to insure that all 3G capable UE’s reselects and camps on 3G Cells


The Cell Reselection process is run when:
› When the cell on which it is camping is no longer suitable.
› When the UE, in ”camped normally” state, has found a better neighboring cell than the cell on which it is camping.
› When the UE is in limited service state on an acceptable cell.

Whenever there is an acceptable coverage on 3G the values used for reselection makes the UE’s to preferably
camp on 3G; attached is a summarized technical description for both procedures.
* Sites downtime creates coverage holes which might cause the UE not to find a 3G cell with acceptable signal levels.
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