Ransomware Defense For Dummies , Cisco Special Edition

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Ransomware Defense For Dummies , Cisco Special Edition

Postby H@ck3r » 16 May 2017, 10:20

Ransomware Defense For Dummies

The rise of ransomware over the past few years is an ever-growing problem that has quickly become an extremely lucrative criminal enterprise. Targeted organizations often believe that paying the ransom is the most cost-effective way to get their data back — and, unfortunately, this may also be the reality. The problem is that every single business that pays to recover their files is directly funding the development of the next generation of ransomware. As a result, ransomware is evolving at an alarming rate with new and more sophisticated variants. This makes defending your organization's data against ransomware more critical than ever.

But where do you start? Lots of questions come to mind. We've got the answers.

Ransomware Defense For Dummies consists of five short chapters that explore:

How ransomware operates and its defining characteristics (Chapter 1)
Best practices to reduce ransomware risks (Chapter 2)
A “new best-of-breed” security architecture (Chapter 3)
The Cisco Ransomware Defense solution (Chapter 4)
Important ransomware defense takeaways (Chapter 5)
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