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The successful trial, deployment, operation and troubleshooting of 3G or UMTS infrastructures and applications is
one of the most exciting, fascinating and challenging tasks in today’s mobile communications. Interoperability,
roaming or QoS awareness between multi operators and multi technology network infrastructures are just a few
of the problems, which need to be met. In today’s early deployments of UMTS networks five main categories of
problems can be differentiated:
1. Network Element Instability
2. Network Element Interworking
3. Multi Vendor Interworking (MVI)
4. Configuration Faults
5. Network Planning Faults
To meet these challenges, it is vital to understand and analyze the message flows associated with UMTS.
“UMTS Signaling” focuses on providing an overview and reference to UMTS, details of the standards, the network
architecture, objectives and functions of the different interfaces and protocols. Additionally it comprehensively
describes various procedures from Node B Setup to different Handover types in the UTRAN and the Core Network.
The focus on wireline interfaces is unique in the market. All signaling sequences are based upon UMTS traces
from various UMTS networks (trial and commercial networks) around the world. With this book the reader has
access to the first universal UMTS protocol sequence reference, which allows to quickly differentiate valid from
invalid call control procedures. In addition all main signaling stages are being explained, many of which had been
left unclear in the standards so far and valuable tips for protocol monitoring are provided.
What will you get out of “UMTS Signaling”?
• A comprehensive overview on UMTS UTRAN and Core networks
o Latest updates for Rel. 4, Rel. 5 and Rel. 6 features are included
o Description of the real-world structure of ATM transport network on Iub and Iu interfaces
o Valuable tips and tricks for practical interface monitoring
• In-depth description of the tasks and functions of UMTS interfaces and Protocols
• A deep protocol knowledge improvement
• Potential to analyze specific protocol messages
• Support to reduce time and effort to detect and analyze problems
• Explanations how to locate problems in the network.
• Comprehensive descriptions and documentation of UMTS reference scenarios for different UMTS
o UTRAN Signaling Procedures
Description of RRC measurement procedures for radio network optimization
Analysis and explanation of PS calls with so-called channel type switching, which is
one of the most common performance problems of packet switched services in
today's 3G networks
SRNS Relocation scenarios - including full description of RANAP and RRC container
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