Your guide to buildig a cloud native 5G Core Ericsson

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Your guide to buildig a cloud native 5G Core Ericsson

Postby Chunl1 » 03 Nov 2020, 12:54

Your guide to buildig a cloud native 5G Core.
Here are download links to all guides. You will receive an email with the ones you selected.

Guide series summary
Your guide to building a cloud native 5G Core ... ummary.pdf

Cloud infrastructure:
Building a cloud native infrastructure
A guide to deploying cloud native platforms for 5G ... ucture.pdf

The cloud native transformation
A guide to cloud native design and operations principles ... mation.pdf

5G Core:
Dual-mode 5G Core: TCO benefits
The total cost of ownership benefits of Ericsson’s solution ... nefits.pdf

One core – the best of two worlds
Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core solution ... worlds.pdf

Building a new world
A guide to evolving from EPC to 5G Core ... -world.pdf

5G voice:
5G voice network evolution
A guide to enabling 5G voice services in mobile networks ... -voice.pdf

Automation and orchestration
Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration
Solution brief ... ration.pdf

Network automation: The journey to zero-touch networks
A guide to automating and orchestrating 5G networks and services ... mation.pdf

Operations and Management:
Transforming operations on the way to 5G
A guide to capturing the true benefits of cloud native and 5G Core ... ations.pdf

Mastering complete 5G network security
A guide to protecting your network when introducing 5G Core ... curity.pdf

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