Hunter NePa (Network Parser) - Huawei 4G XML (eNodeB) Format - Trial

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Hunter NePa (Network Parser) - Huawei 4G XML (eNodeB) Format - Trial

Postby ahmedd4565 » 31 Dec 2016, 11:19

Step by step to download Huawei 4G Configuration Parameters: (XML)

Log in into “iManager M2000”.
Access Menu: 'NE File' > 'NE Backup'
On the left, select the NE you want to backup.
Click in 'Backup' button
In the 'NE Backup list' filter 'Backup File'. Set 'Begins with' 'BAKDATA'. This will make sure you'll download the NE you just backed up (The files that begins with AUTOBAKDATA are created by the system using backup schedule)
Download the configuration file from M2000 to your computer by selecting it in the 'Download to OSS Client...'

Step by step to parse (process/extract) Huawei 4G Configuration Parameters: (XML)

First, check if the downloaded files are compressed (ZIP, RAR, 7-z, GZ, etc...). If so, uncompress it using any Compress/Uncompress utility such as Winzip, Winrar or 7-zip.
Then, run the correspondent Hunter Macro (to parse the desired format). Note that you must use an exclusive/specific macro for each type of Vendor/Technology.
Optional: Click 'Edit' button (a pencil) in the Hunter Nepa Main Menu, to indicate where the raw files are.
Optional: Click 'Open Folder' button in the Hunter Nepa Main Menu, to check (open) the target folder and verify if it only contain the intended files (raw, extracted). If this folder contains other files, the macro may have some problems.
Click 'Run' button (Exclamation Mark) to process.

Download :

Currently supported:
LTE eRAN1.0 (V100R001C00)
LTE eRAN1.1 (V100R001C01)
LTE eRAN2.0 (V100R002)
LTE eRAN2.1 (V100R003)
LTE eRAN2.2 (V100R004)
LTE eRAN3.0 (V100R005C00)
LTE eRAN3.1 (V100R005C01)
LTE eRAN6.0 (V100R008C00) SRAN8.0 (GBSS15.0 WRAN15.0)
LTE eRAN6.1 (V100R008C01) SRAN8.1
LTE eRAN7.0 (V100R009C00) SRAN9.0 (GBSS16.0 WRAN16.0)

Currently NOT supported - due to different XML format (the macro is currenlty being developed/adjusted):
LTE eRAN8.0 (V100R010C00) SRAN10.0 (GBSS17.0 WRAN17.0)
LTE eRAN8.1 (V100R010C01) SRAN10.1
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